Dry materials

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A key element
Quality bottling for your wines relies on the choice of dry materials. They are essential to the preservation and valorization of your vintages. With over 1,500 references, including 1/3 in stock, we can meet each of your requests in line with your markets' requirements.
A broad choice of dry materials
Trusted suppliers
A taste for innovation
Prioritizing local supply


We offer all the standard bottle models—Burgundy, Bordeaux, flute—and any other type of shape with or without coat of arms, with screw cap or stopper:

Glass and PET, contents from 18.7 cl to 150 cl

1.5L to 10L BIB

To stop your bottles, we offer a large range of cork and synthetic stoppers as well as Stelvin screw caps. Choose your cardboard packaging according to your target markets: Boxes with 6, 12, 24 or 28 bottles, vertically or horizontally packed, with or without dividers. All our dry materials are systematically controlled for quality upon reception and are stored in a dedicated temperature-controlled area.

Strong and proven partnerships

Over the past 20 years, we have built close and reliable relationships with key stakeholders in the wine industry in France and abroad. Thanks to this long-term effort, today we can value true and efficient partnerships which are based on mutual respect, meticulous follow-up and flawless quality. For our customers, this means controlled flows and competitive and adjusted prices.

Creativity and flexibility

Beyond the multitude of references we offer, we love challenges and working with you on innovative projects: feasibility studies and bottle design, bottle weight reduction, creation of decorative elements—box, cap, coat of arms, etc.—, using connected caps, etc.




Secured supply

Historically, we chose to prioritize French manufacturers to supply our dry materials. This choice led to building real partnerships with each of these suppliers, and above all to rely on continued supply in tense economic situations.

All our suppliers are previously referenced through a questionnaire, and certified according to criteria that we defined and audited. Moreover, they are evaluated every year on their compliance with supply requirements, environmental approach, competitiveness, etc.