Cellar and Laboratory

150 000
storage capacity
controls per wine
40 000
analyses/ an
A key activity
During the whole time we handle your wines, the preparation phase is perfectly controlled, and we share expert advice prior to the bottling phase, based on the analyses and tastings we regularly carry out.

Our teams are experienced in handling each of your wines, regardless of origin—France, Europe, overseas—and nature—traditional, organic, HVE certified, vegan, with or without added sulfites.
The Cellar
The Laboratory

Support at every step of the process

Our focus is to return your wine, once bottled, with strictly the same qualities as when you entrusted it to us.

Our cellar master supervises all activities in the cellar and implements the blends as per the provided specifications. Then, in compliance with regulations, our expert winemakers prepare your wines for bottling according to your exact specifications. Our cellar staff is always on the lookout for new technologies and wine products, and can share very precise and technically advanced solutions for bottling your wines.


Our laboratories are equipped with an enzyme analyzer and FTIR analyzer to process key parameters. Our technicians, assisted by our oenologists, analyze and taste each wine at each stage:

• Reception

• Blending

• Storage

• Before bottling

• End product

The results of the analyses serve to validate the conformity of your wines, both in their analytical and organoleptic aspects.