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The core of our business
Our job as bottlers is to respect the work you have put into making your wine. Thanks to our processes—fine-tuned through 20 years of experience—, our proven technology and the protagonists' professionalism, we can guarantee you premier quality bottling.
A Powerful Tool
A mastered process
Customized series

A broad range of options

We have 5 multi-format bottling lines, with outputs between 5,500 to 10,000 bottles/hour, divided between 2 bottling plants.

The lines can be adapted to process:

• Formats ranging from airplane size (18.7 cl) to magnums.

• Any type of cylindrical glass or PET bottle

• Cork stoppers and screw caps; standard, connected stoppers; Novatwist, Stelvin and Stelvin Lux

• PVC, aluminum, polylaminate and tin caps

Our bottling lines are equipped with labelling stations which can process up to 4—adhesive or traditional glue— labels per bottle, with options for applying medals, stickers, neck bands, etc.

Each wine bottle bears a discreet laser engraved mark for traceability and safety purposes. Bottles are packed in boxes of 6, 12, 24 or 48, with or without dividers, vertically or horizontally. At the end of the line, each bottle is controlled visually to check the presence of the label and weighed to check batch conformity. Two Bag-in-box lines designed for 2 L, 2.25 L, 3 L, 5 L, 9 L and 10 L formats complete the system.

Our company is authorized to bottle wine under customs control.


We have implemented stringent processes to guarantee that your wines are perfectly bottled. Each line is optimized to minimize the risk of error and maximize the safety of your batches.

• Pre-bottling filtration avoids any risk of contamination by outside elements

• All our dry materials are scanned and integrated to our ERP;

• Before drawing, all the surfaces in contact with the product are processed with nitrogen

During the drawing phase, we control dissolved oxygen to limit the contact of the oxygen with your wine.

Your batches are then palletized, and fully labelled for traceability. They are then transferred to our storage centers in our own trucks, pending delivery to your customers. A member of our management team is systematically present throughout the process. As your single contact, he/she is the guarantor of the security of your batches.

Solutions to all your requests

Since the very beginning, our company has always found solutions to meet the most complex and non-scalable requests. Today, our teams are skilled in performing all types of manual operations with the utmost accuracy and responsiveness:

• Palletizing

• Recovery of bare bottles for capping, labelling and packaging

• Tissue paper protection and packing in wooden crates

• Recovery of bottles for manual labelling

• Application of medallions, strip labelling

• Special boxes with several references

• Horizontal packing

• …

The list of manual operations our teams are able to perform is (almost) limitless: we will always find a solution to cater to your special needs.