“We don't inherit our forefathers' land, we borrow it from our children.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Thus, we commit to complying with the regulatory standards of our industry. Over and above this, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance by limiting our energy and water consumption and recycling our waste. Our environmental goals, as our quality and safety goals, are rooted in our company culture and reviewed quarterly and with each change that impacts our business.

A commitment to sustainable development

Sobemab and 3S have long been engaged in supporting sustainable development, where growth and productivity go hand in hand with better environmental protection.

In 2022, we stepped up our CSR approach, with dedicated resources. Unprecedented initiatives such the company’s carbon footprint, as well as diagnoses

Implementation of “Quality of Life in the Workplace” (QVT) endeavors and managerial training courses.

We don’t see CSR as a constraint, but rather as an opportunity to enhance our appeal to our customers, employees and all our partners!

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